Friday, 28 October 2011


Tattoos. Lord Bassington-Bassington never really cared much for them. While tattoo enthusisasts like to refer to their adornments as "body art", Lord Bassington-Bassington has tended to find that, frankly, tattoos are at best "body kitsch", and at their worst pure "body crap".

But even a Hound of conservative tastes has to admit that sometimes opinions need to be revised. Much has happened in the world of tattooing in the last decades, techniques have taken giant leaps, and tattoos look better than they ever have. Moreover, His Lordship seems to be surrounded by people with stunning examples of what contemporary tattooists can achieve.

The main problem with tattoos, though, is that there's really only one thing worth adorning one's body with. So Lord Bassington-Bassington was inspired to take a small ramble through the Internet to see how today's tattoo enthusiasts are doing in that department.

While Lord Bassington-Bassington is a great fan of cocktail culture, there is something very wrong with this tattoo.

And far from of the noble Basset's soulfully drooping looks, this hound just looks like it listens too much to My Chemical Romance.

But now we're talking! This delightful duo comes much closer to capturing the true elegance of the Basset.

But hands down, this Valkyrie Basset is the best Basset tattoo Lord Bassington-Bassington could find. National Romanticism always captures His Lordship's heart.


  1. The olives are supposed to be in the martini. There certainly is something wrong with the tattoo of the dog in the armchair.

  2. That's it! I knew I was missing something very important. Something was where it shouldn't, but I couldn't figure out what. Or where.