Monday, 10 October 2011

A model adaptation

As His Lordship is currently in the mood for graphic art adaptations of Lovecraft, Lord Bassington-Bassington thought it appropriate to bring the world news of an exciting Lovecraftian development here in Norway.

Graphic art maestro Kim Holm (who, among other things, have produced wonderful studies of none other than Lord Bassington-Bassington himself) has just released the first version of his adaptation of the Lovecraft short story "Pickman's Model".

The first version can be purchased here, and if you are a Lovecraft fanatic like Lord Bassington-Bassington you will want this gem in your collection. Here at Bassington Manor, we will soon need a separate bookshelf just for His Lordship’s Lovecraftiana.

Those of a less obsessive nature can read the work for free on the Interwebs.

But Lord Bassington-Bassington is really looking forward to the full version, which is promised in November.

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