Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Tartan Tuesdays: Swedish accessories

Swedish accessory specialist Mannby & Rörling was first brought to Lord Bassington-Bassington 's attention by that illustrious Swedish association known as The Drones Club.

Mannby & Rörling's business idea (though M & R looks more like a hobby than a business at this point) is irresistible: Small-scale production of handmade bow ties, ties and pocket hankies. Mannby & Rörling seem open to interesting challenges, too - the diamond-tip bow tie in tweed they created for The Drones Club is nothing less than stunning.

A pocket square in their Tartanic pattern might perhaps match Lord Bassington-Bassington's beloved tie in Singh Tartan.

And the fabric makes for a stunning bow tie, too.

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