Friday, 16 December 2011

RIP Christopher Hitchens

Thanks to Mrs. Drachensteen for the link. To see Christopher Hitchens at his absolute best go here.


  1. "Console yourselves
    That a scientific death is better than a fairy tale
    Of the eternal life

    Control yourselves
    Because the man in the sky is a tyrant and a lonely psychopath
    Dreamed up to steal your minds"

  2. While I've never shared Mr. Hitchens' very negative view of religion, that IS a very concise way of summing up his position. I always thought he was best when he talked politics, to be honest.

  3. Where is his lordship? Bassett hounds do not hibernate, do they?

  4. I do not hibernate as such, but I have taken refuge on the couch and isn't very inspired these days. Winter does this to me. But I am trying to get around to dictating some more blog posts to my secretary soon.