Friday, 10 August 2012

In defense of traditional marriage

As a somewhat Conservative fellow, Lord Bassington-Bassington is a staunch supporter of the institution of marriage. But unlike some Conservatives, His Lordship has virtually no objections to same-sex couples being joined in matrimony, as long as certain traditional standards are upheld.

Lord Bassington-Bassington could come up with some lengthy explanation of why His Lordship feels this way. Such an explanation would mention how extending marriage rights to same-sex couples will strengthen their unions, let sexual minorities express their love, undermine the most negative aspects of gay culture, and so on. In short, make society more stable and life better for everyone. But truth be told, what it boils down to is what can be seen in this picture from the marriage ceremony of Mssrs Smalley and Bonnette.

For Lord Bassington-Bassington, the real question of same-sex marriage is this: If we can't have same-sex marriages, how else are we going to get weddings where both parties wear bowler hats?

And what could possibly be more traditional than the wedding picture below?

The wedding pictures are reproduced with permission from the happy groom and groom. Many happy returns, gentlemen.


  1. Fat pop nazi approves.

  2. It is hardly surprising that two big-boned, bearded gentlemen such as you two would approve of these splendid chaps, but nice to know nonethless!

    But, my dear Mullah, what would the Islamic standpoint be on this marriage? Surely two beards make the marriage doubly Sunnah?

  3. Quite right, a good muslim should keep a beard, on their own body or someone elses. And while some muslim men shun growing it themselves, and prefer their women to do all the bearding, these two fine gentlemen have found a way for both to keep a beard.

    Grooming is everything in love. Or so the sufi spin doctor says.

    God bless!