Thursday, 2 August 2012

The art of contemporary heraldry

When the World’s Coolest Librarian makes one of his regular visits to Lord Bassington-Bassington, it is usually the start of some terrific (and slightly nerdy) adventure. Yesterday was no exception, when The Librarian gave His Lordship a short introduction to the subject of contemporary heraldry. Contemporary Canadian heraldry, to be exact.

As His Lordship takes a keen interest in the invigoration of old traditions, Lord Bassington-Bassington was all ears (and when one is a Basset hound, there are a lot of ear to be!)

His Lordship could only agree with The Librarian that heraldry needs more exposure in the media. And as the Lord Bassington-Bassington Chronicles is, at least in the loosest sense, part of the media, we will shoulder our responsibilities and hereby bring our readers a selection of some of the coolest Canadian coats of arms.

Dr. Missao Batts is a lady with an appreciation of felines, and a love of music (surely something we here at the Chronicles can relate to). And as for the good lady's last name, well, look at the wings of the cat...

While Mr. Pierre Masse's love of music gets combined with the national animal of Canada.

And Mr. Howard Berlind Ripstein shows what a superb coat of arms one can create when one is a military serviceman descended from Jewish bootleggers.

But the highlight for Lord Bassington-Bassington is, for obvious reasons, the coat of arms and flag of radio broadcaster Douglas Graeme Bassett.

In His Lordship's mind, this short run-through of contemporary heraldic masterpieces leads to one inevitable conclusion: It is high time for the Bassington-Bassingtons to create a coat of arms of their own. Perhaps The Librarian could lend a helping paw?

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