Sunday, 2 September 2012

A tweedy thread

Autumn is definitely upon us here in the North. So in an attempt to be ahead of the seasons for once, Lord Bassington-Bassington has spent a little too much time browsing through Styleforum's tweed thread. And what better place to store Lord Bassington-Bassington's favourite pictures from this thread than His Lordship's own Chronicles?

The tweed suit at the top is by Hackett, apparently. But we here at the Chronicles have no idea where thetwo bottom pictures are from, though it's obvious that one of the bipeds in them is Nick Wooster. We suspect they are lifted from The Sartorialist, and apologise in advance for using pictures without asking permission first. But as Lord BB has a long history of ripping off The Sartorialist already...

Yes, tweed season will be here soon. And it's time to go through the cupboards here at Bassington Manor to see which jackets and suits are still up to scratch. Surely that's a project for a rainy day. And for a blog post.

Lord Bassington-Bassington would like to thank Sri Kalki Das, His Lordship's brother in tweed, for the tip.


  1. Inspiring! This wonderful, coarse fabric, calls for the Archibald monday tweed anthem. Whoever said tweed's frumpy, was wrong.

    Nick Wooster above is a true role model for how it should be worn. With a humble, but yet an unmistakable sod off-attitude.

  2. My dear Archibald: While I'm partial to technoid sounds now and then (I started the morning with some tunes by Patenbrigade Wolff), and the track you linked to was very enjoyable, I don't quite see how it links with tweed. I'd prefer some New Tweedy Brothers or something instead.

    But yes, Nick Wooster is an inspiration on so many levels.

  3. You have to look beyond the surface, and feel the greatness both art forms represent. Then, merge it all.

    You sholdn't see a rural woolen faric, compared to futuristic electro tones.

    Rather feel the power that both give to anyone experiencing them, with the right attitude, taste and mindset.

    The mistake most people make, is that they want to label all different things, stating surely that they can't benefit from each other.

    A narrow minded, uncreative way of viewing life, that makes the dull public miss out on so many great combinations, and differ from us able to see the possibilities.

  4. Don't get me wrong, my dear Archibald, I have on occasion danced to electronic music while dressed in a three-piece tweed suit. And I agree that tweed is a fabric that is perfect for the future - a future with (hopefully) less interest in disposable, cheap clothes.

    I just couldn't make the connection between this particular track and tweed. But I promise to make another effort!

  5. Truly sorry for sounding rude and grumpy. I've never for a second doubted that his Bassingtonship wouldn't understand.

    There are good reasons why I frequent this little hideout every now and then. And, it is rather my own statements that often are somewhat farfetched :)

    I wish him a pleasant rest of the day!


  6. No problem, my dear Archibald. It is always a pleasure to hear from you. A great day to you, too, and may your ears never get stuck in the escalator (a traditional Basset salute).