Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Extremocidente: Extremely collectible

As the vinyl revolution rolls on, labels that release superbly presented records start to pop up. We here at The Chronicles are proud champions of German label Trumpets of Doom, but we think it's time to look at what else is available out there.

Portugese label Extremocidente produce records so beautiful that Lord Bassington-Bassington ordered us to put together some snapshots of the releases that have found their way to Bassington Manor.

Extremocidente’s records tend to sell out very fast, so most of these are no longer available. But be warned: Once you get caught in their net, you might not be able to escape. These releases are addictive, even if they do have some minor flaws. For example, Extremocidente really need to start using better glue.

Extremocidente's latest release is this cute little slice of yellow vinyl, collecting two ultra-rare early tracks by Death in June that have never been available on vinyl before.

It might be strange to use the word "cute" to describe a release by a band that comes up with lines such as "Earth explodes with the gas of bodies", but what other word could cover it? To make it even cuter, it's designed to look like the little brother of Death in June's first LP release, Lesson 1: Misanthropy (which is not an Extremocidente release, we just had to put them together).

Isn't that just adorable?

Okzidentalisches Grammophon is a live record by Danish industrialists Die Weisse Rose. Pressed on beautiful, transparent, steel-grey vinyl, the record is a fest for the senses, and it's not bad to listen to, either. But then, Die Weisse Rose have always been a band made for live appearances.

The Affordable Holmes is Orchestra Noir's tribute to the Sherlock Holmes series starring Jeremy Brett. It's a wonderful little record, pressed on beautiful vinyl, brown as an aged whiskey.

It's also available on CD.

Extremocidente have produced some really stunning box sets, but, sadly, only one of them have found its way to us here at Bassington Manor. And that is the re-release of Sol Invictus' The Killing Tide, in a box filled with goodies such as pins and small prints. A real treasure box!

We tried to put the box back on the shelf, but too late. The latest inhabitant to move in here at Bassington Manor, that young rascal Winthrope Montmorency Bassington-Bassington III, immediately claimed the box as his own, and he snarls and snaps at us when we come too close. Help!

(Thanks to Lady Mju photography for all the snapshots).

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