Wednesday, 24 March 2010

A pastoral note, or: How to wear a dog collar

While it's good that the Bassington-Bassington Chronicles has its own Mullah, we like to play it safe here at the Chronicles, and felt the need to expand our clerical base a bit. So we are happy to announce that we have now appointed ourselves a Pastor.

Pastor Aarebrot is pastor of the Oslo-based (but expanding) congregation Subchurch, and also an ex-member of Gothic rockers The Crest. Not is Pastor Aarebrot a very interesting theologian, embodying the mix of spiritual honesty and social conscience that characterizes Christianity at it best, but as you can see, he also really knows how to rock a dog collar! Which might be one reason why Hounds such as Lord Bassington-Bassington likes him so much.

We here at the Chronicles are now very happy that we have representatives of two Abrahamitic traditions advising us on spiritual matters. And if a conflict should ever arise between them, we will take the advice of the spriritual leader which asks us to buy more shoes...


  1. No, not yet. But we're working on it! Any tips?

  2. I guess we'll have to do that on our next expedition to the Eternal City, i.e. London. The Basset Hound's seasonal migration to Jermyn Street is coming up!

    Speaking of that, how is Reeve's position on footwear? That is at least as important as his theological positions.

  3. Haha. Dark is the day!

  4. As he is, like me, a follower of Peter Wyngarde "PBUH", I foresee no major schisms arising.