Sunday, 31 October 2010

A commercial break

There's few contemporary folk singers Lord Bassington-Bassington appreciates more than Marissa Nadler.

This Boston-based singer of ghostly, Gothic folk songs not only captures the sense of His Lordship’s spiritual homeland, New England, perfectly. In a world seemingly filled to overflowing with young ladies strumming acoustic guitars, Marissa Nadler stands out like a shining gem. Her music is a bit like the best architecture you find in New England: A product of the youthful enthusiasm of the "new world", yet filled with a nostalgia for the world left behind. An approach to art that, in turn, creates dreams of a better, more beautiful world.

And as all her four album releases have been spun regularily here at Bassington Manor, His Lordship has been eagerly awaiting more music from Miss Nadler.

And lo and behold, recently Miss Nadler issues this call to support the recording of her next album.

And as Miss Nadler's records are the kind Lord Bassington-Bassington would definitely buy without hearing them first, all "Caveat emptor" instincts are immediately suspended. His Lordship has already donated.

Show your chivalrous side and ride to the rescue of this damsel in distress! Preferably on a Basset hound!

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