Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Sub Luna

Despite having a penchant for Swedish neofolk acts such as Apatheia and Solblot, His Lordship had not given Swedish band Sub Luna a sporting chance to impress him. This situation quickly changed when the latest offering from this intrepid neofolk outfit arrived here at Bassington Manor.

The album Awake! is nothing less than a well-crafted collection of neofolk songs, with a distinct touch of Leonard Cohen (a definite plus in anyone’s book, we dare claim).

The album only seems to grow with each listening, and has been hogging the stereo here at Bassington Manor more than we care to admit.

Mikael Lindblom, who more or less is Sub Luna also functions as a live member of one of the world’s most exciting martial industrial bands, Karjalan Sissit. In fact, he seems to be an all-round good egg. In the picture below Mr. Lindblom is captured while wearing a stylish jacket and indulging in a glass of absinthe; activities which garner Mr. Lindblom a lot of goodwill here at the Chronicles.

Surely this picture alone should be enough for any discerning neofolk fan to ensure that there will be more Sub Luna albums? Lord Bassington-Bassington suggests you do this by keeping Mr. Lindblom in absinthe money, by simply buying Awake!

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