Sunday, 3 October 2010

Fräk folk

The phenomenon of “Alpinfolk” has grown into a small wave, a wave Lord Bassington-Bassington has been observing with quite some interest. Not least because Alpine artists such as Jännerwein, Klammheim and Sturmpercht make His Lordship’s droopy ears tickle in delightful ways.

So there was great rejoicing here at Bassington Manor when the latest release from Swiss outfit Fräkmündt, Urbärglieder, arrived.

For anyone who appreciates Alpine folk this is a must-have, but don’t take our word for it. As is often the case, the neofolk connoiseurs over at The Shadows Commence put it better than we can. Go read their review.

Lord Bassington-Bassington can only add that not only is Urbärglieder a really enjoyable album, the band Fräkmündt itself inspires an endless barrage of dubious puns (hence the title of this post). And as His Lordship is already under surveillance by the humour police, we’ll spare you any more (but feel free to get fräky in the comments section).

(Limited version of the record, which His Lordship was too slow to get hold of a copy of. Yes, His Lordship is sometimes a bit slow).

Some of our associates claim that Fräkmündt have also recorded a version of the song “Chainsaw Gutsfuck”, originally recorded by some Norwegian metal band His Lordship can’t quite remember the name of (was it Return?), but sadly, that’s not included on Urbärglieder.

Fräkmündt - Karfriitigsfüür (Lütholdsmatt / Pilatus) Schweiz

Fräkmündt | MySpace Music Videos


  1. Mayhem er bandet som gjorde "Chainsaw Gutsfuck"

  2. C: Spørsmålet om hvem som spilte inn "CG" var ment humoristisk. Vi her på Bassington Manor kan litegrann om black metal.

  3. I efterblick är ironin uppenbar.
    Tack ock bock för en fantastisk läsning!

  4. Takk selv for en hyggelig kommentar! Det er godt å vite at man kan skape litt glede ved å formidle sine små bjeff til internettet.

  5. Hmmm... I might have to consider this purchase...

  6. What's to consider? Of course you need this, and we need to listen to it together while drinking Weissbier and eating Eisbein. I'm sure that's very halal.

  7. I do believe Weissbier is on my naughty list, so I'll settle for some of my special scottish juice ;-)

  8. Surely there can be nothing "naughty" about such a wonderful drink?