Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Interiors a la Carter

It is quite possible that David Carter (whom Lord Bassington-Bassington first stumbled across in the book The New English Dandy) is the world's most exciting interior designer. And Heaven knows Bassington Manor needs an interior designer. Even if things are slowly underway, with cuckoo clocks and absinthe fountains and a glass painting and whatnot, there is a lot to do to bring his lordship’s residence up to scratch.

Some day Lord Bassington-Bassington will hire David Carter to decorate Bassington Manor. There is only one problem: To afford Mr. Carter’s services, his lordship will need to locate the fabled treasure of the Bassington-Bassingtons. To this end, his lordship has been very active digging up the lot behind Bassington Manor. We here at the Chronicles hope the treasure is found soon, as his lordship has been getting into altercations with the caretakers. We also hope that the treasure doesn't turn out to just be an old bone, like the previous “treasures” unearthed by his lordship.

But stylish as Mr. Carter's interiors undoubtedly are, they might not be suitable for his lordship's needs anyway. For with the sheer volume of books, records and other treasures making their way into Bassington Manor these days we fear that this arrangement might be the only realistic approach.

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