Monday, 7 February 2011

On heathen ground with Weh

To say that Norwegian neofolk is rare is a bit of an understatement. There's a healthy freak-folk scene (not to be confused with health freaks, who are much less interesting to listen to). On this front, Phaedra’s debut album is a recent shining example.

But something that can be classed as neofolk? Very little.

One exception, of course, is Gyron V, from whom we're still waiting for a debut on Sweden's legendary Cold Meat Industry label (Gyron V's Traditionalist EP is so limited that it's probably useless to hunt for it).

But then there's the slightly enigmatic Weh. We here at the Chronicles have no clue about this project or the gentleman behind it, though we vaguely remember trying to contact him a number of years ago. In the meantime, a double compact disc has been released, but Weh remains as mysterious as ever.

Weh frontman Erik Evju does not play concerts or release many records, but both from the music and the company Mr. Evju keeps (Weh participated on a tribute album in honour of the departed frontman of metal band Windir) we would guess that, like many of the newer neofolk musicians, he has a background in metal music. But as Lord Bassington-Bassington himself occasionally enjoys shaking his head so that his ears flap against his nose, would be the last to hold a bit of headbanging against someone.

Weh's double compact disc, entitled Origins, contains a number of small gems. Lord Bassington-Bassington particularily likes the wonderfully (national) romantic “Heathen Ground.”

But then, tunes about runes tend to get His Lordship interested. And the wonderfully gloomy "The Bells are Ringing Doom" is also a very well-crafted track.

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