Sunday, 13 February 2011

Redesign imminent

It's not just Bassington Manor that is in urgent need of a makeover, these Chronicles also need a bit of redesign. This poses a bit of a problem for Lord Bassington-Bassington.

As a Hound with a highly limited understanding of modern inventions such as venetian blinds, ziplocks or blog platforms, Lord Bassington-Bassington isn’t exactly a prime candidate for web design. And as regular readers of this blog should know, getting good help is so hard these days, so His Lordship's humble secretary isn't much to rely on in this area, either.

Thankfully, there are people who are both kind and competent on whom His Lordship can rely. One of them is His Lordship’s dear friend and inspiration, the gentleman behind the Dodo Declaration and a bit of a blogmeister.

Another is the wonderfully talented illustrator Tini Malitius (also known as A Little German) who has produced these charming sketches, which perfectly capture His Lordship's character. His Lordship is at a loss for words to express his gratitude for these, but mutters something along the lines of "ahrooooo!"

So there we have it, dear readers. The only excuses for not redesigning the blog immediately will have to be put down to Lord Bassington-Bassington’s inherent slothfulness and, of course, the shocking and shameful fact that Lord Bassington-Bassington has to – shudder – work for a living. But yet again, the wonderful Miss Malitius, creative as ever, comes to the rescue with this constructive suggestion as to how His Lordship's impecunious situation can be corrected.

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