Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Half-canvas shoes

seem ideal for the summer. And Herring Shoes seem to make some ideal examples. But which model to go for?

The traditonal brogue?

The more unorthodox monkstrap?

Or these outrageous tasseled loafers?

These are important decisions indeed. For the selection of footwear can have serious consequences for one's life, as evidenced by the case of slippers.


  1. It most certainly is. And it remains to be seen what one's better three-quarters feels about the issue. That matters, I think.

  2. You seem to have overloaded the site, my good friend. I can't get in.

    Do they have a shop in London? I need a new pair of walking shoes, and we have a shopping date!

  3. The sad thing is that they're only sold online, and I'm always a little unsure about how my paws will take to new footwear.

    I'm sure we can find some canvas shoes offline as well!

  4. The monkstrap. No doubt about it.

  5. Well, perhaps they could make one look strapping.

  6. "Loafing I can recommend. Loafers I cannot."
    Go for the brogue.

    Personally, I do not use shoes that combine a multitude of materials. The reason is simple: they are too darn difficult to polish.


  7. I'm not normally a friend of the loafer, tasselled or not, but I thought these were quite charming. But I've had the same reservations as you with regards to the polishing. It's the same reason I've never owned spectators, I suspect. My paws are simply too big for the precision polishing required.

  8. I like the loafers, but then again I am known for my love of tassel loafers and anyway I already have spectator brogues.

  9. The loafers are magnificent, and they are my favourites too. The problem is that this whole question might be academic anyway, as the Norwegian climate is such that shoes like this would only be in use for a few weeks each year. As such, maybe I should get some regular spectators instead.