Friday, 10 June 2011

Mystical ties

As any creative person knows, even the most innocuous comment can create chains of association that leads one towards profound insights.

The other way, a generous gift of delicious dog biscuits from some commentators on the Chronicles' post about neofolk bling set Lord Bassington-Bassington thinking.

Of course, like any true Basset Hound, Lord Bassington-Bassington likes dog biscuits immensely, but there was something about the shape of the biscuits that reminded so much of one of His Lordship's other great passions. Namely the bow tie.

(Bow tie by Drakes of London).

Of course, this similarity in shape between dog biscuits and bow ties cannot be coincidental. They must be indicative of some deep, mystical bond between canine and these wonderful things.

A mystical tie, perhaps?

(Art stolen from here).

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