Friday, 3 June 2011

Reissue of the year: Karjalan Sissit

The reissue of the year is here, at least as far as Lord Bassington-Bassington is concerned.

Eternal Soul Records have produced a stunning 10-year anniversary edition of Karjalan Sissit's Miserere album, originally on legendary (in Lord Bassington-Bassington's circles anyway) Cold Meat Industry. Released only on CD back in 2001, it is now given a luxurious vinyl treatment which still suits Karjalan Sissit's brand of misantropic, vodka-fuelled Industrial, owing as much to Black Metal as it does to Sibelius.

Eternal Soul have done a superb job, the gatefold cover in classic "martial industrial/military pop" field grey opens to reveal a hilarious shot of Karjalan Sissit captain Make Pesonen in full "drunken Finn" mode. All hail ethnic stereotypes!

There's also an equally charming poster included. In other words, great stuff all around.

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