Saturday, 3 January 2009

The Dragonfly Society

While he tends towards being a grumpy old hound, Lord Bassington-Bassington is sometimes amazed by the ingenuity and initiative, charm and style of younger people. Often this happens with young people related to various sub-genres of the Gothic subculture. Possibly because in a time where most youngsters seem to want to wear sneakers and baseball caps, in these subcultures you can still meet people who are interesting to look at (regardless of whether one would want to achieve this look oneself, of course). Some of the most stylish members of these subcultures affect a look of times long lost, something that instantly makes His Lordship sit up and pay attention. And when this is

A lot of interesting things are happening internationally, and it slowly seems to creep in the direction of Bassington Manor.

In Copenhagen, The Dragonfly Society have put on their first club night, which, juding by the pictures, seems to have been a smashing success. Lord Bassington-Bassington will certainly have to sniff his way towards the capital of the Danes in the near future.

These are mugshots of the coterie behind the Dragonfly Society. And mighty fine people they seem to be.


  1. Looks like the best thing that has happened to the alternative clubscene in this part of the world for a long long time

  2. Her Ladyship should like to express interest in visisting the establishment mentioned above. Another one of interest can be found here: , preferably reached by the following means of transport:

  3. And what splendors await:

  4. It needs to be said that His Lordship might be a grumpy old dog, I would not agree but thats a separate issue, but it is a need for saying a word or two about His Lordships own style, which is impeccable.

  5. Shoaib: Thank you for the kind words. You're certainly not a bad example of a gentleman yourself, I seem to remember someone driving through terrible weather one Easter holiday to open a Mosque to some curious visitors.

    You know, one of the things which has always impressed me with Muslims is how they praise Muhammad's sublime manners, as well as God's love of beauty.

    Surely two things to be inspired by, even for us who haven't embraced Islam!