Sunday, 4 January 2009

A toast to progress

While Lord Bassington-Bassington is certainly prone to romanticizing times gone by, he is also acutely aware that one of the best things about the past is that it is over.

In fact, not everything that has happened over the last years has been proof of Spengler’s thesis of the Decline of the West. Quite the contrary, there are many attitudes of the past that His Lordship are quite happy to leave on the scrap heap of history.

Among these are old-fashioned attitudes towards women,


and the less fortunate members of society.

His Lordship raises a glass of Late Bottled Vintage port to the joys of living in a society that values the intelligence of its women, realizes that physical love can be a great thing and cares about those who fall on hard times.


  1. Ah - the good old days! May I add that in my opinion overeducation may also lead to abolitionism?

  2. His Lordship "is also acutely aware that one of the best things about the past is that it is over."

    Hm, I seem to recognize that one ...

    It'a a great blog, though. I always knew you had it in you. I've been down with the flu this christmas, thus no comments until today.

  3. Arnfinn: Yes, indeed, that was stolen from you. The only reason I didn't credit you with coming up with it was that I was planning to translate your Dodo Declaration to use for my blog, as it has been a big influence on me. In the meantime, I certainly owe you a glass of port.

    Oh, and thanks for the comments!

  4. I'm always a bit dissapointed by people who simply confess. It's so the simple solution.

    Still, you're welcome to translate the declartion. It's one of my few contributions of importance to mankind. Sort of.

    And how about an article on Rikke for Knokkelklang nr. 3?