Thursday, 30 September 2010

Covert operatives

Figure-enhancing cut, warm wool, velvet collars. Nothing beats a covert coat - it dresses down a suit and dresses up more casual outfits. No wonder it's the coat of choice for both country gentlemen and skinheads. Don't just take Lord Bassington-Bassington's word for it, listen to Major Hoad.

There are many English clothing companies famous for their covert coats. Cordings and Crombie have more or less defined the coat, but any self-respecting company will sooner or later try their hand at an interpretation of the covert coat.

Here it is given a delightful old geezer twist by Peter Christian.

While here it takes a trip to Stockholm and Venice courtesy of the kings of Anglo-Swedish style, Morris.

But our favourite here at Bassington Manor is undoubtedly New & Lingwood, who also make superb slippers and the ultimate pocket hankies for such as Lord Bassington-Bassington.

Let the winter come. In a covert coat, one is prepared for anything.

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