Sunday, 12 September 2010

K100 comes out of the vault

Dark ambient music is not something that really caught on in Norway, and frankly, what has been produced (none mentioned, none offended) has rarely been very interesting. So it’s good news that there seems to prop up some interesting newcomers, with S(ermo) III being particularily interesting for those with a taste for the Lovecraftian.

But the best Norwegian dark ambient project today is, in Lord Bassington-Bassington not-so-humble opinion, K100. Their first proper release, The Vault of Apparitions, just came out and aptly demonstrates what a great act they are.

Being helmed by Kim Sølve, designer extraordinaire (and person who likes to hang out in foggy places), K100 is in many ways a continuation of previous project Swarms, but K100 is a leap forward in all respects. Pitch black yet richly textured, K100 is the perfect accompaniment to your autumnal reading, writing and nightmares.

So far, K100's only manifestation outside the studio has been to provide the soundtrack for the opening ritual for Oslo’s Café Grössenwahn, but that worked so well that we here at the Chronicles are considering putting on an ambient night sometime in the future. Stay tuned!

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