Tuesday, 7 September 2010

A most welcome form of Islamisation

While some people obsess about a perceived Islamisation of the west, Lord Bassington-Bassington tends to take a more relaxed stance, focusing on the advantages of being lightly enriched by Muslims.

And a few days ago, His Lordship decided to Islamise his head by ordering his first fez hat. Like any piece of clothing worth owning it has a rich and conflicting history, and we at the Chronicles would like to point our readers’ attention to this interesting treatise on the matter.

As this picture by the remarkable artist Shag clearly shows, the fez is an indispensable part of proper nightlife. But it is also possible to wear a fez in a variety of ways, as demonstrated by this auxiliary member of Slovenian Industrial group Laibach.

In fact, His Lordship can't really think of any outfit that doesn't work with a fez. This will be an interesting autumn indeed.


  1. I am considering buying a fez... could you recommend a manufacturer or vendor?

    If I recall correctly, Laibach sold their grey fez during the Volk tour, but it was frightfully expensive. It would have been nice to own one, though.

  2. My dear Mr. Rosenberg: Yes, fezes tend to be expensive, and the one pictured in the post is by Lock & Co and a bit too costly for penniless heirs such as myself.

    However, the people at Village Hats & Caps (www.hatsandcaps.co.uk) have a good selection, and according to my contacts in England (http://lordbassingtonbassington.blogspot.com/2010/01/neofolk-lookbook-mr-bell-of-birmingham.html) the quality is quite good. I'll inform you about my impressions of it when my own fez arrives.

  3. Thank you very much, Milord!