Saturday, 30 April 2011

"The joy of a well fitting jacket"

(Linen jacket by Cordings).

A small discussion at the The Drones Club led to some comments on an old post here at the Chronicles, from a gentleman by the name of Archibald. Lord Bassington-Bassington thought these comments were so astute that he'd like to share them with all His readers.

Also, it helps cover up the fact that His Lordship is currently incapacitated, trying to recover from the shock of realizing that he has been without a subscription to The Chap for more than a month. This deplorable situation is now rectified, but the shock was more than a gentle Hound could bear. We hope Lord Bassington-Bassington is not permanently scarred by this. After all, a life without The Chap would be like a life without tweed – or without long, droopy ears.

So here, gentle readers: Archibald on dandyism.

"As with other conditions, I think one does not really choose dandyism as a way of life or state of mind.

It is in my point of view something that just grabs your whole being, whether you accept it or not. Whether your closest family and friends like it, or not.

It is something deeper than the liking of good clothes. Sometimes inhibiting us from leading a less complicated life, but mostly just making you look smashing.

The joy of a well fitting jacket. The pleasure of finding that particular woolen tie you have been looking for a long time. Not to mention matching it with that perfect shirt collar you've had in mind since the thought of the tie first came into mind.

This is what I think makes the dandy differ from the usual fashion consumer: Those constantly in need of new garments, rather than growing more and more fond of the ones they have already got".

Well spoken, Sir. These are indeed words to live - and die - by!

Take a gander at Sebastian Horsley's thoughts about dandyism as well, if you are so inclined.

And of course, if you can read Swedish, we suggest you join young master Archibald and the other chaps at the Drones Club immediately.


  1. Love the cover of that issue of the Chap, as I've recently become quite infatuated with the Correspondents. A brilliant little band.

  2. Yes, the thought of living without this issue of The Chap was more than I could bear. I'm afraid I am still in shock.

    But yes, The Correspondents are a very good band. Are we to imply by the good Mullah's comments that listening to them is Sunnah?

  3. Very much so, yes. In fact, since its release, their EP has been listened to quite a lot, and the mullah would very much like to invite these young scallywags to perform in the northern Ummah.

  4. A most splendid idea! Perhaps a certain Gentleman Rhymer could be persuaded to tag along?

  5. My thoughts exactly. I was indeed pondering a double-bill tour of the Ummah.

  6. This needs to be planned over a Tiki drink or five!

  7. I accept your invitation. How does may 20th at your place, sound? ;-)