Tuesday, 12 April 2011


It's yet again time for the International Turban Day, the day when Sikhs across the world increase understanding of their religion and culture by giving colourful displays, handing out home-made Indian food and – best of all – inviting non-Sikhs to try a turban.

Lord Bassington-Bassington likes to attend these events, because there will invariably be a good selection of cool older men present. And His Lordship recommends that you seek out your own local Sikh community. If you can't attend a Turban Day yourself, you can always tie a turban in your own home. Remember, there is no outfit that will not be improved by a good turban.

Like many Basset hounds, Lord Bassington-Bassington's dear friend Gustav Beowulf of Lulubelle likes to dress for the occasion. Here we see the good Hound marking the Turban Day in true Basset style, which includes seeing no reason to leave the couch.


  1. My dear Lord Bassington-Bassington! I'm so glad you brought this back to my memory.... though, I actually don't remember it.... you mean, it wasn't a dream?
    Gustav Beowulf of Lulubelle

  2. It does appear to have been quite real, yes! But I admit the turban was quite dreamy.