Sunday, 24 April 2011

Odinic pride

Lord Bassington-Bassington is a long-time supporter of gay rights, and also has a great appreciation of the Norse mysteries. His Lordship sees no contradiction in this, quite the contrary: It is all about being open about what and whom one is, and perhaps even take a little pride in it.

Still, while waddling around the streets of Milan, His Lordship was a bit surprised to find that one of the leading gods of the Norse pantheon seems to enjoy a secret life in more southern climes. A secret life where this normally quite stern divinity, known for his affinity for wolves and for sacrificing himself to himself, shows a wholly new side to his character.

While this Norse deity is perhaps more famous for imparting the secret of mead unto the Northern peoples, his chocolate factory produces a rather delectable chocolate liqueur - a bit like a fondant version of Bailey's.

If you're curious for more Gay-Odinic insight, surf by this look behind the scenes at the chocolate factory itself.

One only wonders what the rest of the Norse gods are doing when the Northmen aren’t looking…

Thanks to Lady Mju for photographic assistance.


  1. :) Odin's thirst for all experience and wisdom is never sated. There's a figurine that was found in recent years of a "One Eyed Bisexual" Odin.

    Keep in mind that Odin, in one of his quests for wisdom, had to dress as a woman and become an ergi (a soft-man or effeminate man) in order to gain the secrets of women, of seidhing and of Freya (he hints at knowing women's secrets in the Runamal, I think these mysteries are linked to the rune Berkana).

  2. Yes, the Norse mysteries are really... mysterious. But drag seems to be a recurring element, I am particularily fond of Thor's escapades in female dress.