Monday, 30 April 2012

Lord Bassington-Bassington, Rock n'Roll Manager

Yes, not content to be a rock n'roll (press release) writer, Lord Bassington-Bassington has gone and become a rock n'roll manager. Well, if being a manager for a one-man ukulele band qualifies as rock'n'roll, that is. And as His Lordship's idea of a rocking lifestyle means a nice nap on the sofa followed by a small glass of port, then surely it qualifies him as a real rock'n'roll rebel.

So far, His Lordship is in the process of negotiating a record deal for Death in Uke with favourite label Extremocidente. Lord Bassington-Bassington, who normally tries to avoid lifting a paw for anything, feels very pleased with his efforts and is hoping to get a small treat...

Though some would say it's just an excuse for His Lordship to exercise one his recent sporting enthusiasms...

First things first, though. The most urgent project is to create a Tiki drink for both Death in Uke and Extremocidente. This promises to be a tipsy night indeed. Stay tuned to these Chronicles!

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