Monday, 23 April 2012

Lovecraftian book news

Things move slowly at the Chronicles these days. Lord Bassington-Bassington is, as usual, rather un-occupied (unless you count loafing on the sofa here at Bassington Manor as an occupation) but His Lordship's secretary has to earn his keep. As a result, the Chronicles tend to be neglected. We apologize for this - we'd like to say something like "reality is a bitch", except here at Bassington Manor, "bitch" is considered a high compliment.

So here is an attempt to make up for the neglect on at least one front, by looking at some of Lord Bassington-Bassington's Lovecraftian library acquisitions of the last few months. As usual, we here at the Chronicles tend to focus on the small press, as major publishing companies seem to do very well without promotion on obscure blogs.

Wilum Hopfrog Pugmire, possibly the most entertaining practitioner of the Lovecraftian tale alive today, has a new collection of short stories out. And while Lord Bassington-Bassington has barely dipped his paws into them yet, they look very promising indeed.

Jason Thompson's graphic adaptation The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath and Other Stories, which Lord Bassington-Bassington helped fund, is out and is a rare delight. Mr. Thompson's adaptation of
"The Strange High House in the Mist" is worth the price of the book alone, and every reading sends Lord Bassington-Bassington into melancholy dreams of his own visit to Kingsport some years ago. To support struggling artists, His Lordship suggests you get it directly from Mr. Thompson.

It is also available with a beautiful poster, which we suspect will look great on the wall of Bassington Manor.

The most intriguing release, though, is without a doubt this ultra-limited translation of Lovecraft's "The Festival" into Norwegian, done by none other than Lord Bassington-Bassington's own secretary, and cover by accomplished Lovecraftian artist Kim Holm.

This is the first publication of Lord Bassington-Bassington's own small press venture, Bassington House, and we hope there will be more releases in the future.

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