Monday, 16 April 2012

A Crash Course in Cricket

Cricket season will soon be upon us. And as Lord Bassington-Bassington has previously remarked, Norway now has a rather good national cricket team. Even if, in an example of how small Norway really is, team captain Mehtab Afsar has taken over the job of His Lordship's friend Shoaib Sultan.

This still leaves one challenge, though: How on earth does one make sense of this seemingly complicated game? Luckily, the Interwebs come to the rescue of those confused about cricket. There are plenty of short, informative films that can give the prospective cricket fanatic a feel for the flow of the game...

...and an understanding of how various national cricketing styles have emerged...

...and how cricket can fit into a dramatic narrative (and contain some great ethnic stereotyping).

By golly, there's information films about cricket set to music these days!

If these films are too difficult to digest, perhaps gentleman rhymer Mr. B could explain the game using written words and non-moving images (used by permission from Mr. B's Chap-Hop Registry).

But honestly, Lord Bassington-Bassington wonders if it's best to simply get a book on the subject. Or stick to playing tiddlywinks…

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