Friday, 19 February 2010

On the Street... Drooping Ears, Strømmen

Basset lovers know full well that tragedy can strike. But tragedy can also lead to joy.

Not long after the Norwegian family of Sørensen lost their beloved canine companion, a young lad found their home to be a good place to set up camp. Enter Mr. Gustav Beowulf av Lulubelle, whom Lord Bassington-Bassington and Lady Mju were recently able to visit at his abode in Strømmen, close to Oslo.

And how better to commemorate the visit, than to continue the Chronicles’ habit of looking at the fashion and lifestyle trends in the canine community?

We feel that this picture shows how well Mr. Gustav Beowulf carries off the droopy-ear look that is absolutely essential for the coming season (and, as we have stated before, for every season).

Like any trend-conscious bachelor, Mr. Gustav Beowulf knows how to appreciate the finer things in life. Like a thorough belly-rub.

After this rubdown, Mr. Gustav Beowulf was kind enough to take Lord Bassington-Bassington's secretary for a short walk. Which was sorely needed, as His Lordship's secretary and assistant is starting to get a little heavy in the flanks.

Gustav Beowulf has no such figure problems. In fact, as this picture shows, one of the advantages of having a perfectly proportioned Basset physiology is that one can pull off almost any look. Take, for instance, this workwear-inspired harness. It would look somewhat ludicrous on a lesser breed of canine, but looks fabulous when Gustav Beowulf rocks it.


  1. My dear Lord Bassington-Bassington, I am so proud! And I am impressed by your detailed observations on matters which are of great importance to me! It was a pleasure to have you here and your are always welcome back!
    Gustav Beowulf of Lulubelle

  2. Dear Mr. Gustav Beowulf: The pleasure is all mine. And we look forward to our next visit!