Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Lovecraftian discoveries

It's time for a small Lovecraftian post.

Firstly, because we've quite forgotten to show our readers what it looks like when we finally got a full-sized version of Mr. Kvant of Scania's study of H.P. Lovecraft properly framed and mounted on the wall of Bassington Manor.

It looks rather small in this picture, but it's really 70 cm tall. It's hard to put words to the pride Lord Bassington-Bassington feels about owning such a beautiful object, not least because it was created for him.

And secondly, because the new issue of Dark Discoveries magazine is an H.P. Lovecraft special, and Lord Bassington-Bassington has enjoyed it very much. With the short story by W.H. Pugmire as the high point.


  1. Looks great, you lucky boy!

  2. I just finished "At the Mountains of Madness" a few days ago, and it was amazing and chilling! No one writes like Lovecraft.


    -A humble observer

  3. You're right that noone writes like Lovecraft, but that doesn't mean they're not trying to. Lovecraft pastiche is now a well-established genre, and being a kind of compleatist when it comes to Lovecraft I've read far too much of it...

    And then you have people like W.H. Pugmire, who take Lovecraftian themes and stylistic elements and still create something that's fresh.

  4. Oh, it looks nice framed :)
    It would be great to attend to one of your lectures one day

  5. Yes, it's quite stunning when it gets a bit of size. We'll have to get you to Oslo, and we're working on it. Stay tuned!