Thursday, 7 January 2010

Epic noise fail

We like Internet memes here at Bassington Manor. We particularily like these memes when they can be combined with something we love.

And while he has always had an ambivalent relationship with noise music, Lord Bassington-Bassington has enjoyed quite a few noise bands through the years. One of these bands have been Survival Unit, one of a plethora of excellent electronic acts from Northern Sweden (Kammarheit being another example).

This track, accompanied by images from a medical film about schizophrenia, is a good example of the sonic world conjured by Survival Unit.

But Survival Unit were not just known for their brutal audio assaults and adherence to the tenets of cultural terrorism, they were especially infamous for their confrontational performances. A short video from one of these performances, where things went a little - wrong, has been circulating around the Interwebs for a while now. It is, honestly, hilarious.

But it wasn't until the video was combined with one of the best memes of all time that it reached the brilliance that you can observe below.

Luckily, Lord Bassington-Bassington knows from personal experience that Survival Unit front man Kristian Olsson is not only blessed with a range of artistic talents, but also with a great sense of humour. So he feels confident that Mr. Olsson won't retaliate by invading Bassington Manor and staging a performance in the sitting room here.

Though that would be entertaining.

By the way, Mr. Olsson is not only noise artist but also works in collage, and continues his work under names such as Alfarmiana. Some of his work can be enjoyed here.

On a final note, Lord Bassington-Bassington has suggested that Lady Mju, who has played keyboards for several bands, purchase a small keyboard to keep in her purse and play His Lordship off whenever he does something stupid. So far, she has refused. Lord Bassington-Bassington suspects she is just afraid that all the playing she would have to do could cause carpal tunnel syndrome.


  1. Say what you will about Cultural Terrorism, but I draw the line at artists throwing tables and technical equipment at the audience.

    Even if is just by accident. Someone could get hurt!!!

  2. I still find great pleasure in seeing this clip. However it should be mentioned that this is just last seconds of a gig that lasted around 20 minutes. Monumental ending and effective way to get rid of all competition. Believe it or not, the same organizers invited us over two years later. :)

  3. I suspect that this stagedive (with added bonus) was the high point of the evening, so how could they NOT invite you back?

  4. That was a great evening, and a great Survival Unit concert. I played there myself.. while the stage was still standing.

  5. Pär: I've never been able to catch SU in concert myself, which is a shame. I understand they're sensational on stage.